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Thule Touring

thule touring

Functionak roof box for all your needs, Thule Touring offers a wide selection of sizes and suitable loading capacity. Combined with modem design and smart functions, you will have the right box for your spacific demands

The color variations, surface treatment of the upper lid is different. Official name: As far as the color of the real thing, for the same color as the gray of the Pacific Series, a series of titanium Aero skin is displaying a gray Aero skin in limited company Tanigawa shop Unlike the color of the catalog photos. Surface is covered with surfaces such as shark skin was rough and in the case of this color variation, since you are using the Aero skin technology as it is in the name.

A new line of functional boxes, loaded with top features.


Exclusive black glossy lid colour.
DualSide opening for convenient mounting, loading and unloading.
Central locking system provides maximum safety. The grip-friendly Thule Comfort key can only be removed if all locking points are securely closed.
Patented FastClick quick-mount system with integrated torque indicator for simple, secure fixing.


Deckel in exklusivem Hochglanzschwarz
Dual-Side: beidseitige O"ffnung für eine bequeme Montage sowie ein komfortables Be- und Entladen
Zentrales Schließsystem bietet maximale Sicherheit. Der benutzerfreundliche Schlu"ssel kann nur abgezogen werden, wenn alle Schließpunkte sicher verschlossen sind.
Patentiertes FastClick Schnellbefestigungssystem mit integriertem Drehmomentindikator fu"r einfache und sichere Montage


Couvercle noir brillant.
Ouverture DualSide pour faciliter le montage, le chargement et le de'chargement.
Un syste`me de verrouillage central garantit une se'curite' maximale. La cle' Thule Comfort ergonomique peut e^tre retire'e uniquement si tous les points de fermeture sont bien verrouille's.
Syste`me de fixation rapide brevete' FastClick avec indicateur de force de serrage inte'gre' pour une fixation aise'e et se'curise'e.


Color de la tapa negro brillante exclusivo.
Sistema de apertura DualSide para facilitar el montaje, la carga y la descarga.
Sistema de cierre de seguridad centralizado que proporciona la ma'xima seguridad. La llave de fa'cil utilizacio'n Thule Comfort so'lo se puede quitar si todos los puntos de cierre esta'n cerrados.
Sistema de montaje ra'pido FastClick patentado con indicador de apriete integrado para una sujecio'n sencilla y segura.


독점 검은 광택 뚜껑 색상.
편리한 설치, 로딩 및 언 로딩을위한 DualSide 개방.
중앙 잠금 시스템은 최대한의 안전을 제공합니다. 모든 잠금 포인트가 닫혀 경우 그립 친화적 인 툴레 컴포트 키는 제거 할 수 있습니다.
간단하고 안전한 고정을위한 통합 토크 표시기 특허 FastClick 빠른 마운트 시스템.


Eksklusif hitam warna penutup berkilat.
Pembukaan DualSide untuk pemasangan mudah, pemunggahan.
Sistem mengunci pusat menyediakan keselamatan maksimum. Kunci Thule Keselesaan cengkaman mesra hanya boleh dikeluarkan jika semua mata mengunci ditutup dengan selamat.
Berpaten FastClick sistem cepat-gunung dengan penunjuk tork bersepadu bagi penetapan yang mudah, selamat.


Eksklusibo itim kulay talukap ng mata makintab.
Pambungad DualSide para sa maginhawang salalayan, sa paglo-load at alwas.
Central ng system locking nagbibigay ng maximum na kaligtasan. Maaari lamang na alisin ang mahigpit na pagkakahawak-friendly Thule Comfort key kung ang lahat ng pagla-lock ng mga punto ay ligtas sarado.
Patentadong FastClick mabilis-na-mount system na may integrated tagapagpahiwatig metalikang kuwintas para sa simple, secure na pag-aayos.


Eksklusif hitam glossy warna tutupnya.
DualSide pembukaan nyaman mounting, bongkar muat.
Sistem penguncian tengah memberikan keamanan maksimum. Yang ramah-grip kunci Thule Comfort hanya dapat dihapus jika semua titik penguncian yang tertutup rapat.
Dipatenkan FastClick sistem cepat-mount dengan indikator torsi terintegrasi untuk sederhana, memperbaiki aman.

New, patented Fast-Grip solution for easy fixation of the box. Attach the mounting hardware inside the box, then tighten the grip claws around the load carrier bars by turning the knobs. The system is self-adjusting to the load carrier bars for maximum security. Fits carrier bars up to as much as 90 mm width. Standard on Thule Pacific.



Central locking
Patented safety locking system – the key can only be removed if all locking points are closed. Standard on all Thule boxes with side opening. A new grip-friendly key for better handling is standard on Thule Spirit and Atlantis.

THULE Touring Case that was mounted on the Mazda5. Please use it to visually compare the size.

thule touring aeroskin

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